Tuina & Massage

Unlock the Secrets of Tuina & Massage with Julie Millour

Discover a therapeutic haven where skilled hands and intentional techniques merge to provide a holistic approach to well-being. Tuina & Massage, under the expert care of Julie Millour, is designed to elevate your vitality and restore harmony within.

Benefits of Tuina & Massage:

  1. Targeted Stimulation: Tuina & Massage pinpoint specific areas, stimulating energy channels to provide profound relief from tension, pains, and discomforts.

  2. Energetic Harmony: Restore internal balance as the therapy enhances the flow of vital energy, alleviating imbalances and promoting an overall sense of well-being.

  3. Renewed Vitality: Experience inner renewal as Tuina & Massage activate cellular regeneration, revitalizing your body’s vitality from within.

Tuina and massage

Tui Na is a manual therapy within traditional Chinese medicine that uses massage as a treatment. The word Tui Na means pushing and grasping, two of a variety of 80 movements that make up this massage. The movements are applied on the body surface, the acupuncture meridians, on acupuncture points or on specific pain points.

Tui Na, together with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Qigong, are the 4 pillars of traditional Chinese medicine. Massage therapy is used to treat specific areas, or to improve the flow of energy throughout the body. The aim of Tuina massage is to create harmony by removing blockages and disturbances that manifest as illness, pain, disease and emotional problems. 

As a technique of Chinese medicine, the combined use of both Tuina and acupuncture achieves very effective results.

What is it for?

It is a therapeutic massage that primarily treats problems with pain such as:

  • Sports injuries
  • Tendinitis
  • Muscle spasms and contractures
  • Neck and back pain
  • Joint stiffness
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Sciatica
  • Epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
  • TMJ disorders
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Pelvic pain

Tuina ‘s benefits are great:

  • Corrects of irregular or abnormal body posture at skeletal muscle.
  • Promotes of the recovery of soft tissue.
  • Regulates of the functions of the internal organs.
  • Strengths the immune system by increasing defenses.
  • Stimulates the circulation of QI (energy) and Blood.
  • Soothes pain.

But this technique not only treats musculoskeletal injuries but also internal diseases of the digestive system such as irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea or constipation, hormonal imbalances such as premenstrual syndrome, as well as insomnia, anxiety, infertility, depression, headaches and migraines.

What does it involve?

During a Tui Na session, the therapist applies a series of techniques to the body (pressure, kneading, friction, vibration or traction), basically using hands and fingers that differ in intensity and speed depending on the desired therapeutic effect.

There are also manipulation techniques to align the body and correct posture. Passive joint movements are used to improve joint movement and delay joint degeneration.

The massage is performed with the patient seated or lying on a stretcher and can remain clothed, as the massage is generally performed on a sheet placed over the patient.

Who is it for?

In principle, everyone can benefit from this technique, but it is particularly suitable for those who are afraid of needles. Children are also potential candidates for this treatment.

In the center, I practice Tui Na for adults, and I perform it as a complement to an acupuncture session or as an exclusive massage treatment. If you need more information about this technique and its applications, do not hesitate to contact me.

Between you and me, this is also my favorite form of massage to receive.

What did they say?

Eline Monsma
Eline Monsma
I can highly recommend going to Julie! What I appreciate the most is that her treatment is personalized. She takes her time for you and makes you feel comfortable. I’ve had acupuncture in the past but now with Julie I’ve noticed a significant change already within a few weeks.
Angela Norris
Angela Norris
Julie is amazing!! Her manner is calming and she has great knowledge about acupuncture. I have been going to her for exactly one year and I have seen such good results, even after just a few months. Highly recommend her!!
Lauren Coppin
Lauren Coppin
After many years of struggling with fertility and IVF I went to see Julie during my last round of IVF. Both leading up to the IVF (which was successful!) and for the morning sickness thereafter. I really feel that Julie Accupuncture was what made all the difference and I felt amazing after every session. She also listens and it’s like a mini therapy session too :). Highly recommended!
Sophie Winterer
Sophie Winterer
Julie worked her magic with me and I am super grateful! For years I have suffered extreme pain during my period and couldn't leave the house for 2 days. After working with Julie for a couple of months, I just had my first normal period. This is huge for me and I am more than grateful for Julie's support through out this process :) I am looking forward to improving and maintaining my health and wellbeing with her!
SOPHIE Hermink
SOPHIE Hermink
I had several acupuncture sessions with Julie because of my tinnitus. The acupuncture has helped me enormously to decrease my tinnitus. In addition to the acupuncture she also gave my advice about nutrition and we discussed things that could help me with my sleeping difficulties. The overall approach made a big impact on my tinnitus and my wellbeing. I am very happy with the results and the extensive knowledge she provided. She knows her profession very well!
Lucy Wilkinson
Lucy Wilkinson
I have had an excellent experience with Julie. Julie is an incredible acupuncture practitioner who is highly skilled. She draws on her expert knowledge to provide an integrated approach to treatment. I've seen and felt results after each session and I've recommended her to lots of friends.
Melanie Loiberspäck
Melanie Loiberspäck
Amazing! Julie had amazing knowledge, is so kind and will take care of you in a very holistic way. I did a facial, a tcm treatment and acupuncture for my acne. All treatments were really relaxing, professional and felt good. Can highly recommend. 😊
Sandra McGarry
Sandra McGarry
Julie has magical hands and on each of my visits I have left feeling amazing. She is very knowledgeable and interested in overall well-being. I have had several massages, acupuncture and my favourite was the facial. I have never experienced the attention to facial movements before. The leg massages were very powerful as they were deep and my legs felt renewed. I could not recommend Julie highly enough. Oh and her prices are reasonable too.

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