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How do acupuncture points work?

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

I have been asked this question several times last week. How do acupuncture points work?

Different acupuncture points have different and specific effects. Some will decrease the sympathetic nervous system response inducing relaxation (which is important for women who are stressed about their business, juggling with their work and family life, trying to conceive…). Some points actually cause changes in cells. Some create an alteration in the brain's chemicals, others in the chemical of other organs. Some improve circulation, some have mainly local effects.

The body is a system of reactions and feedback. Something happening with a nerve has an effect on the brain which in turn signals for neurochemical changes, hormonal level changes, or a millions of other responses. It is like a chain reaction. For example, when we stimulate a specific acupuncture point, it invigorates the blood, sending the body a specific message such as building the uterine lining to improve foetus implantation. Each specific point as well as each meridian has a different function. When we stimulate a combination of points we create greater results and see results more quickly.

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