Hidden hypoglycemia

Have you ever felt your blood sugar crash? Do you desperately need a nap, a large cup of coffee or you crave sweets? These may be signs of hypoglycemia and are undiagnosed.

Lab results ranges are quite wide and not show when there is hypoglycemia or being thin tends to make us think we are healthy.

Here is some information to raise hypoglycemia awareness.

When you are in hypoglycemia, you may feel:

• feeling tired

• sweaty

• shaky

• dizzy

• confused, unable to concentrate

• becoming easily irritated, tearful, anxious or moody.

• hangry (hungry + angry)

• carbs and sweets cravings

• reliance on coffee, soda, energy drinks

• a fast or pounding heartbeat (palpitations)

• headaches

The causes of hypoglycemia that I see with the women I work with (without health conditions such as diabetes or kidney issues) are:

  • skipping meals, often late breakfast
  • waiting too long between meals
  • adrenal fatigue
  • chronic stress
  • mismanage blood sugar with improper diet

What can you do

〽eat regular meals

〽add healthy fat that keep blood sugar stable

〽have steady carbs intake

〽avoid sugary drinks and foods

Other reasons to take your blood sugar management to heart

~ Your pancreas, liver and brain function as blood-stabilizing organs in the body.

~ 98% of your pancreas function is to produce digestive enzymes to help your stomach break down macronutrients

~ Your liver’s main function is to break down hormones and toxins that your body has already used and help it leave your body. If it doesn play its role, it can lead to hormonal imbalances.

~ Your brain has a role in everything that regulates your body.

So regulating your blood sugar level removes a big task to your pancreas, liver and brain and allows them to realise their main job.

Plus, studies show that women’s hearts are more susceptible to high blood sugar levels than men and are at higher risk of heart disease even though they have not been diagnosed with diabetes.

Who relates and will try to stabilise their blood sugar levels?

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