• Identify your hormonal symptoms and make the connection between your symptoms and the malfunctions of your endocrine system

  • Translate the language of your endocrine system to build a beautiful new relationship with your body

  • Learn and integrate the food and lifestyle habits that will bring your endocrine system back into balance

  • Discover how connecting and partnering with your body can help you create and achieve the life of your dreams

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The Blossom program will leave you feeling the best version of yourself and will give you the opportunity to thrive in your projects (career, family...).

By treating your body as a whole, you will restore all the body machineries and overcome what is holding you back. 

If there is something in your life  slowing you down or blocking you, we will discover the root cause of the issue and treat your body holistically. 

Blossom program supports:

- Digestive conditions

- Anxiety

- Sleep disorders

- Chronic fatigue

- Diabetes

- Thyroide issues

- Skin issues

- Weight gain

- Allergies


  • Understand your unique femal biology, what is going on in your cycle

  • Learn that the menstrual cycle is a vital sign that changes in response to the state of your overall health

  • Learn about your cyclic wisdom according to TCM

  • Learn to chart your cycle correctly and confidently

  • Learn to identify underlying health issues from your chart

  • Learn about luteal phase defect (LPD), how your fertility changes with ages, unexplained infertility, PCOS, amenorrhea...

  • Remove obstructions to conception

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Hormonal imbalance makes us feel like our body is out of control, confused and overwhelmed. That's where Balance program helps you. We will identify the imbalances and restore a nice hormonal harmony as well as educate you about what brings hormones out of balance. 

Hormones are so important as they play such a key role in the body from digestion, stress, to PMS and fertility.

Balance program supports:

- Menstrual issues


- Painful/difficult/heavy period

- Amenorrhea


- Perimenopause

- Fertility enhancement

How do we work

  • Online consultation to guide you through a personalized program

  • Access to protocols & handouts for each step to increase your results


  • Access to recipes and naturopathic homemade treatments practical sheets on different themes (taking care of yourself with flower essences, essential oils, plants, exercises etc.). These essential tools will allow you to immediately put into practice the elements to restore balance.

  • Tongue reading and chinese herbal medicine recommendation for your specific underlying issues


  • ​Acupuncture tapping technique to relief yourself from limiting beliefs and emotions (addictions, balance, stress-relief, self confidence, self esteem, fears, traumas...).

  • Acupressure points guidance for your speficic goals to increase the efficiency of your program.

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1. Book a free Clarity Call to discuss where you are at and what your goals & desires are.

2. Fill my health questionnaires based on naturopathy and chinese medicine. 


3. Get started in the comfort of your own home with a Virtual Wellness Consultation