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Awakening your vitality


Image by Priscilla Du Preez
  • Boost your energy

  • Improve your metabolism

  • ​Get clarity & feel more focused

  • ​Elevate your mood

  • Reduce cravings

  • ​Calm stress 

  • ​Reduce feelings of overwhelm

  • ​Enjoy sleep & restfulness

  • ​Improve periods & reduce PMS​

  • ​Feel better in your body

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Discover the power of your hormones

We start on 5th of February 2023. Sign up now for the pre-sale!

"I improved my digestion when I didn't even know I had issues with it, my periods are flowless, my energy is high, I feel amazing and this helped me grow even more my business to the next level, I use less insulin that I need to for my diabetes type 1 and I feel much more happy. I couldn't recommend more this program." Virginia, Spain

The program is for you if...

  • You are suffering from one or more of these symptoms: fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia, depression, thyroid issues, anxiety, mood swings, low libido, difficult digestion, low energy, food cravings, PMS

  • You want to feel more energized 

  • You want to ride a wave of health and vitality until the end and avoid diseases

  • You want to learn how to balance your hormones 

We will guide you to:

Module 1: Invite Awareness & Decode your imbalances

This module is where everyone needs to start when looking at hormonal balance.

This teaching invites you to recognize your body patterns and observe your body through TCM (traditional chinese medicine) perspective.


Module 2: Eat for hormone balance

This module gives a foundation to a healthy and balanced diet for hormonal health. Here I cover a structure and foods that allow you to keep your hormones in the right balance.


Module 3: Hormone Detox and Declutter 

In order for your body to run smoothly and feel energized, you need to open the elimination pathways and get toxins out.


Module 4: Access your mind-body-spirit powers

This module provides exercises to harness your body's innate vitality, optimize your mind's potential and raise your vibration.

"Balanced hormones are crucial for optimal health and be at your best."

The program

  • 1 Month guidance, accountability and encouragement 

  • Weekly calls to learn and understand why and what you need to do to achieve balance

  • Group support to share ideas, motivations and successes

  • Weekly tasks to implement what you have learnt to your lifestyle

  • Handouts so that you keep practising and implementing even after the end of the program

  • Many tools including diet, acupressure, hypnosis...

What they said

"After 3 days of detox I stopped the anti-histaminic pills I was taking for the last 10 years every day. I improved my digestion although I didn't know it was sluggish before." Rocio, Spain

"Weight loss, better digestion, feeling lighter, no more diarrhea, increased self-estime and hope to look for other a better job." Julie, Canada

"Je ne pensais pas que cette detox aurait un impact si positif dans ma vie de tous les jours.

Ma relation à la nourriture a complètement changé." Virginie, France

" I managed to start cooking again, to enjoy eating healthy food, my cravings are gone, I started sport and I started to like my body again. I feel better in my skin and my body." Yolanda, Spain

"Je me sens hyper bien, connectée avec mon corps, mon âme, mes émotions.

Mon alimentation est totalement modifiée. Moi qui adore la friture, je n'en ai absolument pas manger, et beaucoup moins envie de Sucre !! Les sucres industriels ne me plaisent plus!" Orella, France

" A lot of improvements, better digestion, feeling lighter, no bloating, nodiarrhea, less gas, feel comfortable with stomach and intestines, happy and want to learn more." Isabel, UK

This can be you too

Sign up now for the pre-sale price at 125 euros

until the 13th january 2023

After the 13th january 2023, price is 195 euros


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