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Cosmetic Acupuncture Before and After Photos


Thinking about cosmetic acupuncture
but not sure what to expect?

The results from a series of cosmetic acupuncture treatments are natural and gradual.

Our goal is to help you look young, well rested and radiant. 

But I want you to see for yourself with real-life before and after photos!

These before and afters are from a series of ten treatments. The standard recommendation for cosmetic acupuncture is twice or once a week, depending on the patient’s skin, lifestyle and age.

All photos are shared with the patients’ permission. 

If you’re ready to try cosmetic acupuncture, set up a Free Cosmetic Consult.

cosmeticacupuncturemalaga (40).png
cosmeticacupuncturemalaga (38).png

Reduced forehead lines, soften under eye lines and overall brighter, smoother complexion.

cosmeticacupuncturemalaga (35).png

Reduced forehead lines, and soften lines aroung the mouth, and overall better glow with more blood flow in the cheeks and more hydration.


reduced double chin, cheek lift, reduced puffiness and smoother complexion. If you look closer, the lips are more pink and less purple meaning better blood circulation and this indicates better health.


Wrinkle around the mouth gone, soften wrinkles around the eyes, skin more hydrated and better complexion.


Forehead lines softened in 1 session. 

cosmeticacupuncturemalaga (42).png

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